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Topics covered in 2005
Does blindfolding calm horses?
Pinning cartilage flaps.
Stem cells for cartilage repair.
Equine metabolic syndrome: use of trilostane.
Shock waves affect nerves.
Right handed horses?
Treating lice.
Influence of rider on gait.
MRLS: Controlling eastern tent caterpillars.
Managing twins by ultrasound-guided aspiration.
Floating: no effect on weight gain.
Avoiding dry eyes.
BEVA colic survey.
Colic after tapeworm treatment.
Spreading cyathostome resistance.
Inflammatory airway disease..
EIPH and poor performance.
Antioxidant supplements and exercise.
Learning from ancient DNA.
Does altrenogest have anabolic properties?
Garlic poisoning.
High dose bute.
New tapeworm test.
MRSA in horses
Cardiac arrhythmias common.
Avoiding positive dope tests.
AI and gender selection.
Effect of genes and environment on temperament.
Risk factors for rhabdomyolysis.
Benefit of early jumping training?
Shock waves for bent legs.
Heart size in Standardbreds.
Comparing navicular therapies.
Acupuncture for back pain.
Effects of caffeine.
Do foals suffer in a cold environment?
Early handling influence on foal behaviour.
Kidney failure and dialysis.
Sedatives make dehydration worse.
Probiotics and foal diarrhoea.
Does sesamoiditis lead to fracture?
Boosting oxfendazole activity.
Laterality in horses.
Finding habronema.
Stem cell success
Thoroughbred breeding efficiency.
Diseases associated with unhygienic food.
Carbohydrate fermentation in horses.
Fructan content of pasture.
Assessing colostrum quality.
Comparing faeces and colon contents.
Variation in nutrient composition of feedstuffs.
Chaff slows eating.
Vaccination for clostridial enterocolitis.
Modern hoof repair materials.
Reverse wedge shoeing for founder.

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