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Topics covered  in 2006
DDSP: conservative treatment.
Do horses find therapeutic riding stressful?
Management of heaves.
Pyrantel resistance.
Anthelmintics - too much of a good thing?
Equine recurrent uveitiis - value of vaccination.
Favourite flavours.
Yeast treatment for diarrhoea.
Confirming grass sickness.
Thorn apple poisoning.
Assessment and foot care for limb deformities in foals.
Effect of conformation on soundness.
Gait analysis in the field.
Absorption of topical hydrocortisone.
Examining the horse’s ear.
Turnout and behaviour.
Welfare aspects of “rollkur” technique.
Dangers of ivermectin overdose.
Selective treatment for worm control.
Ivermectin resistance.
Beware soap.
Does giving concentrated electrolytes do more harm than good?
Sucrose absorption ulcer test.
Identifying the sources of strangles outbreaks.
Hoof growth between shoeings.
Diagnosing deafness
Underlying causes of laminitis.
Exercise affects success of embryo transfer.
Culicoides hypersensitivity: latest research.
Reduced lameness after shock wave therapy.
Advances in joint medication.
Nerve block bias.
Detecting drugs.
Advances in assessment of upper airway problems.
Radiation therapy for sarcoids.
Effect of colour on behaviour.
Predicting the foaling date.
Training horses not to fear.
Pheromones to control fear.
Whorl position and temperament.
Oral hyaluronan effective.
Value of oral glucosamine and chondroitin supplement.
Heat damages tendons.
Exercise-induced encephalopathy.
Preference for silage.
Emptying the stomach.
More drug detection times available.
New disease controls.
Resistant worm threat.
Parascaris equorum eggs resistant to heat and cold.

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