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Topics covered in 2007
Progressive laryngeal paralysis.
Encouraging sweet itch trial.
Cracking the code: Horse genome assembled.
Leptospira common in British horses.
Causes of donkey impaction.
Reducing disease spread by flies.
Treating mange.
Value of bee pollen
Persistent anthelmintic resistance.
New test for CEM?
Preference for water bowls.
Transporting horses with mirrors.
Benefit of soaking hay.
Horses choose multiple forages in different locations.
Do omega-3 fatty acids help RAO?
Bedding may prolong positive dope tests.
Hand hygiene for reducing disease transmission.
HERDA - new test.
Laryngeal disease in draft horses.
Measuring horses.
Monitoring cyathostomin treatment.
Pollution from horse paddocks.
Supraspinous ligament damage - a pain in the back?
Virginiamicin and lamintis - new research.
Feeding behaviour.
Measuring foals’ weights.
First suckling influences behaviour.
What coloWhat colours do horses see?
urs do horses see?
Effect of floating teeth on performance.
Effect of fasting on gut sounds.
Energy from manure.
Lookout for bloodworms!
Foetal gender determines zebra weaning time.
Chorioptic mange treatment.
Blood tests for gastric ulcers?
Treating back pain.
Insulin and laminitis.
Spavin: how good is medical therapy?
Identifying rib trauma in foals.
Ivermectin-resistant worms.
Simple frozen AI protocol.
New threat to horses’ teeth.
Does tryptophan calm horses?
Do contented horses learn more quickly?
Do horses suffer from jet lag?
African horse sickness - why worry?
Ginseng boosts vaccine response.
Exercise affects tracheal aspirates.

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