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Topics covered in 2008
Escaping threats.
Can wider horses carry more weight?
Mounting method affects saddle pressures.
Breeding racehorses.
Effect of yeast on digestibility.
Possible new treatment for tendon injuries.
Temperament in foals.
Fear control with a calm companion.
Does tryptophan calm horses?
Diagnosing tapeworms.
Growing resistance problem.
Ivermectin-resistant strongyles.
New approach to worm control.
Donkeys get gastric ulcers too.
Blood test for Strangles carriers.
Effect of neighbours on stable vices.
Effect of crowding on behaviour.
Predicting colic surgery outcome.
Treating impaction.
Help understand grass sickness.
Horse skin BPV infection common.
Shoeing for heel pain.
Obesity in pleasure horses.
Avoiding kick and bite injuries.
Measuring stride characteristics.
Technological training.
Horse wormer study - help needed.
Do tapeworms cause colic?.
Blood test for small redworms.
How accurate are worm tests?
Preventing foal pneumonia.
Effect of light on loading.
How important is eye contact.
Dozing sign of satisfaction.
Progress towards a blood test for ragwort.
Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding Seminar.
Measuring temperature with a chip.
What’s hiding up your horse’s nose?
Encouraging stem cell research.
Preventing Fell Pony deaths.
Equine Grass Sickness Surveillance Scheme.
Caterpillars cause abortion.
Do horses see in colour at night?
Contracted foal syndrome.
Waking in the dark.
Can your horse help in Cushing’s study?
More cloning success.
Investigating laryngeal paralysis.

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