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Instructions for downloading a free sample copy of Equine Science Update

If you have a Windows 95/98/2000 based system please download our special executable zip file below. This file will auto-download onto your desktop. When complete, please double click and choose "Unzip". This will place copy of the file called oct2001.pdf on your desktop. Double click this file and it will auto-boot Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is on your computer (many computers have it). If it doesn`t boot, or contains blank or corrupt pages then you need a new copy of Adobe Reader. Go to www.adobe.com and follow instructions to download a free copy of the reader.

Click here for downloadable zip file oct01.exe

MAC/UNIX and other systems can view our special, unzipped pdf file below on screen and download the newsletter manually.

When you click the link, the Adobe Reader software already on your computer will boot up. After about two minutes (please be patient) the newsletter page will appear. To copy this to your computer choose the ADOBE save icon (looks like a floppy disk icon) just above the newsletter. Do NOT choose "File" in the browser section at the top of the screen.

The download will take about five minutes but this will vary considerably throughout the day.

Click here for pdf file oct2001.pdf may2002.pdf


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